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Silver Dawn Restoration Project

silver dawn restoration rolls royce small

Prestigious Euro Cars starts the restoration of the Rolls Royce, Silver Dawn. Bob Atanasov, owner of Prestigious Euro Cars is looking forward to this project. This model was introduced in 1949 and ceased production in 1955. Prestigious Euro Cars will bring back the beauty of this Rolls Royce with a team of Rolls Royce Specialist.

Introduced particularly with the American market in mind – a Bentley standard steel Saloon with a Rolls Royce Radiator. Very few cars of this “small boot” Silver Dawn had right steering with the first cars only made with left steering. In the late 1942 the large boot model was introduced having an optional automatic gearbox and by the Earls Court Motor Show of 1953 this model was available in Great Britain. Back in 1949, the Silver Dawn was consider a compact car, making it very popular, as the Smart car of the 21st century.