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Fort Lauderdale BMW Repair

BMW repair fort lauderdale

BMW Repair
Prestigious Euro Cars is yoru alternative dealer service for all your BMW repair needs. We are BMW specialists for over 35 years!

For information in our BMW Repair Service, please call Bob at 954.524.5000

History of BMW
The 80s were full of innovation. Home Computers were becoming popular, MTV was created and started playing music videos with Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ busting the charts and hair was bigger than the Linda Evans inspired shoulder pads. The 1980s was also a big decade for the auto industry. BMW released some of its best models in the 1980s, of which many have since been in thousands of films. Luxury was becoming more important, as was the need for a bigger, more well-equipped vehicle. Among the BMW standouts were the BMW Z1 Roadster. In 1987 at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the BMW Z1 was introduced to the world. This model was only produced for 3 years (1989-1991) but it has made a huge impact on the car-loving community ever since.

The Z1 was favorited for a few reasons, but it was one of the only cars with the drop down doors. Instead of swinging out or up to open, they simply dropped down and you could no longer see them. If you happen to have one of these prized vehicles, Prestigious Euro Cars has the on premise parts and know how to keep this gem in top driving condition. In June of 2012, the BMW Z1 was honored by Automobile magazine, congratulating the cars on its 25th anniversary.