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BMW 328i Brake Pad Replacement

BMW 328i Brake Pad Replacement
Brake Pad Replacement Repair Information
How are brake pad issues diagnosed?
Trained technicians have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of brake pads through their careers and training. If the brake pad is below allowable thickness, broken, cracked, missing, or oil soaked, replacement will be recommended. If any of these conditions are present, the vehicle will not be considered safe until repaired.

How is a brake pad replaced?
To replace the brake pads, the wheel and brake caliper must be removed from the vehicle. The replacement pads are installed into the caliper, and the new or refinished brake rotor is installed by sliding onto the hub and bearing assembly. Once all contaminants are cleaned from the brake rotor, the brake caliper can be installed. As the brake pads and rotors wear down, the brake caliper adjusts automatically, so removing brake fluid is necessary to widen the opening on the brake caliper to accept the new, thicker pads and rotor. Wheel nuts, also called lug nuts, must be tightened to manufacturer’s’ specification.