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Affordable Fort Lauderdale BMW Repair


We here at Prestigious Euro Cars provide quality BMW Repair and Service at an affordable price. For more information, call Bob at 954.524.5000

When it comes to the BMW Formula Drift cars this is a case of “Not too much” and “Not too little” but “just right”. The first E92 chassis had a very long 108-inch wheel base, was very heavy, and had a suspension geometry that wasn’t very optimal for drifting. Moving to a smaller and lighter ZLI chassis reduced 10 inches from the wheel base and several hundred pounds from the chassis, but the nearly-square chassis design made the car snappy in transitions. The ELI6 is the best of both worlds; with the wheelbase an inch shorter than the E92, the suspension of the DI and the weight somewhere in the middle. Goldilocks would be proud. Ask Bob Atanosov at Prestigious Euro Car What he thinks of the three versions. One sure bet is if you have anyone of the three he and his team of expert mechanics will be able to you’re your E92, ZLI and the EL6 in perfect condition.

Our attention to detail with auto repair is unparallel. ‘If we do not have the part it does not exist.” We pride ourselves on our professional service and customer satisfaction. Our service technicians use the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to ensure that your car will be in top notch condition. Our highly trained professionals have been serving the South Florida area for over 30 years. We specialize in servicing luxury high line European vehicles. Our expertise in these vehicles allows us the capability to meet our customer’s high standards and expectations which come with the privilege of owning a luxury vehicle.

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